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Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina stocked with medicines for Rare Diseases

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To contribute to the improvement of health care and quality of life of patients with rare diseases, Rhei Life will supply the markets of Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina with a set of medicines for rare diseases, including acromegaly, Cushing’s syndrome, hyperammonemia and cutaneous T-cell lymphoma. Furthermore, a strategic plan for the next years is to market wide portfolios of products for rare diseases from the areas of endocrinology, pediatrics, oncology and hematology in these countries.


To accomplish this mission, Rhei Life signed an agreement on long-term collaboration with Medorion doo, a renowned pharmaceutical company, as the exclusive distributor for Recordati Rare Diseases for SouthEast Europe (SEE).


Rare diseases represent an exceptionally heterogeneous group of diseases affecting a small number of patients and the medical profession currently lists 7,000 such diseases. According to the European Commission’s data, rare diseases affect less than five in 10,000 people. Rare diseases are commonly chronic, progressive, degenerative, life-threatening and more often cause disability.

 We hope that improved market supply in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina with medicines for rare diseases will help significantly reduce these adverse statistical data, and that each patient will have access to the best possible treatments and therapies.