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Rhei Life officially in the medicines market of Romania as well

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At our great satisfaction, Rhei Life is now officially present in the medicines market of Romania as well, with the placement of Sevatrim (inn: sulfametoxazole/trimethoprim). In addition to this antibiotic, with a wide application in hospital treatments, the launch of Lekolid (produced for our company upon an agreement by Italian pharmaceutical company Inpha Duemila), a food supplement used in treating endometriosis symptoms, is under preparation for the same market, in collaboration with our new partner, Pharmalink. Please note that Lekolid is also available for other markets, and You can contact our Business Development Team for further details.

Our company has been present in the market of medical products of Romania since last year with a diet supplement, in collaboration with our partner, Dr Reddy’s.

Rhei Life has identified Romania as the market with huge potential and opportunities for further business growth of our company, explains Slobodan Stević, Business Development Manager Rhei Life, in charge of product placement in the markets of Romania and Hungary.

– Our capabilities and activities are of a two-way nature because we strive to place high-quality products towards the network of our partners while carefully listening to the market and identifying and monitoring character and needs of patients.

By combining such an approach and quality and efficiency of our products, we accomplish success and, most importantly – satisfaction of end-users, namely patients.

Rhei Life has the capacities and capabilities to place products of the latest technological generations in the Romanian market, both in the segments of food supplements and medical devices and medicines used in home and hospital treatment.

These products are only the beginning of our market penetration and we will offer even more high-quality and efficient solutions for patients in Romania in the future. Rhei Life is recognised as a reliable partner and, as such, it will develop and advance – says Slobodan Stević.

After a huge success with Lekolid in the markets of Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and North Macedonia, Romania is the fifth market where our company launches this product. Completely natural, with a patented technology in these markets, this product has proven to be exceptionally reliable in treating endometriosis, a gynaecological condition that has been diagnosed relatively recently. Lekolid’s quality is also confirmed by numerous recommendations of gynaecologists and satisfaction of patients during and after treatment, in all these markets.