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Rhei Life have reached another important milestone

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We are proud to announce that Rhei Life have reached another important milestone by successfully passing the inspection of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Serbia and receiving the license for the production of medicines in our manufacturing site in Vršac.

This permit gives us the license to start the production of non-sterile solid pharmaceutical forms secondary packaging (capsules, soft capsules), as well as sterile solid forms (powder for infusion solution, powder for concentrate for infusion solution, powder for injection), as well as the medicinal products’ marketing authorization for the Serbian market.

“This represents a very important event in the development of our company. In addition to our distribution operations, we will now be able to manufacture medicinal products for the Serbian market, but also for the markets of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro, where the license is also valid.

This achievement will enable our company to market medicines not yet registered in the EEA (European Economic Area) on the Serbian market. Furthermore, lower prices of medicinal products will mean significant savings in the RFZO (Republic Fund of Health Insurance) budget.

Our main goal is to provide adequate treatment to patients through access to medicinal products which were not registered in the Serbian market so far and which have been imported as unregistered medicinal products for years, but also to provide a lower price for those medicines,” Rhei Life Head of RA&QA Department Vesna Plamenac explains.

In just one year, we managed to receive the status of a wholesaler in Slovenia (license valid for all EU markets) and the status of a local manufacturer in Serbia.

Given that one of our legal entities is based in Slovenia, our next step will be to prepare for the release of medicinal products in the EU territory, which will open countless new opportunities for us and our partners.

The production of the first medicinal products in our plant in Vršac is planned for 2023, after the completion of the first registrations.