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Rhei Life is strengthening partnership with EL Pharma (Phoenix Group Member) and its presence on the Bosnian market by signing the agreement for 8 new Rhei Life products to be launched, marketed and promoted in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


The agreement has been signed for the following products: Inofolic Combi (extension line for poly-ovarian system), Relidon (urinary infections), Rheiflex Forte (osteoarthritis), Osteolife (improvement of the bone quality), Killox (anti-inflammatory infections after urological procedures), Roidakal, Andrositol + (male fertility) and Delphys (gynecology).


“We are particularly proud of this partnership that entered the 6th year of very successful cooperation in dozens of projects. With already 4 launched products since 2017, this new line will bring our product to the total of about 12 products. New products are expected to be launched in 2021 and 2022”, said Katarina Đorđević, Marketing Manager.

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Katarina Đorđević

Marketing manager