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Consumer Healthcare

Our Consumer Healthcare Division supports partners across the globe in order to identify and take advantage of new market opportunities. We are here to support you in two directions:


– in case you are looking for a new niche product that will make a change and create an additional value in your current portfolio, while already having a well-established business on your target markets

– if you are looking for an international expansion of your well-developed portfolio through an experienced and well-positioned distributor

Our CHC Division is responsible for co-development, sourcing and marketing of products that require active promotion and a strong sales force for the marketing of operations. We provide end-to-end business services to our partners.


We are closely collaborating with scientists, developers, license and patent holders and manufacturing companies, mainly through co-development, in-licensing, representation or rights to acquire partnerships.

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„Healthcare industry has become so specialized that very few companies have everything it takes to bring a new breakthrough product to the market on their own. Therefore, Rhei Life acts as a catalyst in meeting the ever-evolving needs of pharma companies in search for specialized and cutting-edge products, while expanding its reach in supporting not only regional, but also global players in CHC space with Rhei Life branded or private label products. “


dr. Zoran Nikolic, Consumer Healthcare Division Leader

For more specific product information and availability status for markets across the globe, please check the section Products or send us a Request. Our team will be happy to get back to you.


Rhei Life in Duphat

For the past three days, Rhei Life participated in Duphat 2023, an unmissable pharmaceutical event in Middle East & Africa.
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