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& Ethics

Rhei Life’s Code of Business Conduct and Ethics guides our actions and decisions. Responsibility, integrity and transparency is demonstrated in everything we do and how we behave, creating our unique business culture that leads to long-term positive relationships.

Strana Compliance

Compliance & Ethics


Rhei Life’s Compliance & Ethics is based on Company’s determination to conduct business in a legal and responsible manner with a concern for compliance and ethics. By maintaining effort to administer a trusted and respected business model we strive for consistently demonstrating such responsibility.



Compliance & Ethics in everyday practices and policies


Rhei Life’s Code of Conduct and Ethics, affect our performance, by enabling us to always bring proper decisions and undertake legitimate and legal activities. This framework for interactions between us and business partners promote trust, respect and integrity.


A number of resources are available to enable us to do the right thing the right way, including Rhei Life’s 1. Code of Conduct and Ethics with comprised 2. Anti-bribery and anti-corruption policy 3. Compliance and Ethics Officer, and 4. Compliance email being also a protected Speak-Up communication channel.

Performance with integrity is essential for the Company and every individual, regardless of the position and rank of employee or manager.



Cooperating with the Pharmaceutical industry and Healthcare partners


The relationships between the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare environment provides for modern medicine to greatly benefit while also growing public interest in understanding might there be any potential conflicts of interest.


Therefore, requirements for companies are established to support best practices and firm policies.


Rhei Life is committed to proper conduct, aspires to credibility and is open to work together with its partners, healthcare providers and the public. Rhei Life firmly believes it is right of healthcare providers to be fairly compensated for their everyday effort; however, Rhei Life does not pay as an inducement for prescribing or promoting of products.


Rhei Life is committed to abide and follow laws and codes as an extension of its own effort to set an example for ethical conduct and compliance.

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