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Caring for Rare – for better quality of life for rare diseases patients

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Rhei Life was a proud sponsor of regional conference on rare diseases “Caring for Rare” which brought together many eminent experts from leading European and regional institutions and organizations in the field of rare diseases. The conference gathered more than 100 participants and over 30 lecturers from almost 20 countries (Germany, Spain, Netherlands, UK, Italy, Slovenia, Slovakia, France, Finland, USA, Canada, Croatia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro…).

“Caring for Rare” is a unique event, that is bringing together the representatives from the National Alliances and patient organizations from Central and Eastern Europe, but also other relevant stakeholders – health care professionals, researchers, policy makers, representatives of academia and healthcare industry.

By exchanging ideas, participants learned a lot from each other. Given that these knowledge transfers occur most effectively when groups of experts have a chance to meet, discuss and share ideas. Therefore, National Organization for Rare Diseases of Serbia have decided to bring together Rare Disease alliances and different stakeholders from the Central and Eastern Europe for a two-day (hybrid) conference.

“We believe that with the joint engagement of the companies, state, and associations, it will be possible to treat all patients so that their lives will be of a better quality.” – explains Nikola Sočanac, Rhei Life’s Market Access Manager.

“In accordance with RHEI LIFE’s vision, our company will continue to support the activities and initiatives of patient associations in the future so that patients with rare diseases can get the best possible treatment.”