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A very strong year for Rhei Life

In 2021, Rhei Life demonstrated

great strength in a challenging

market environment, generating

growth across all divisions.

Who we are

RHEI is derived from Heraclitus’ quote “Panta rhei” (πάντα ῥεῖ – “everything flows”), which means that the whole reality is an ever-flowing stream, and that nothing is ever still, not even for a moment.


Similarly, our business philosophy is based on the constant need to adapt and evolve in line with ever-changing pharmaceutical eco-system, just like the world around us, constantly changing and becoming more complex.

What we do

Rhei Life is a collaboration partner and solution provider of unique and high quality products to many healthcare companies across the world.


Through innovative models of cooperation we are reaching millions of patients.


Company is operating since 2015 across three divisions: Consumer Healthcare (CHC), Hospital Medicines and Unregistred Medicines. Our product portfolio of Medicines, Food Supplements and Medical Devices covers a broad range of therapeutic indications, including Women’s Healthcare, Pain & Inflamation, Pediatrics, Neurology, Oncology, Gastroenterology, Urology, Hematology and Dermatology.

Our products

We are developing, delivering, promoting, securing medicines and other products across the globe. Through innovative models of cooperation we are reaching millions of patients with either conservative or innovative therapy.


We have a diversified portfolio in terms of therapeutical areas covering almost all ATC codes and product classification, Rx, Hx, OTC, Food Supplement, Medical Device, which is the core foundation of our business model. Together with our robust product pipeline, we aim strong at shaping our future.


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